Request a street clean

We clean all public roads and pavements regularly and carry out weekly checks for build-ups of litter. 

We will investigate any street cleaning report raised. If the report is justified, this will be resolved within 1 working day. 

Make a request using the map

If you think a street needs cleaning, you can request it by using the map below.

You can:

  1. use the search bar on the map to search for a location, address or street
  2. click on the map to place a pin
  3. proceed to fill in the short form 

Or make a request using the form

If you have accessibility requirements or difficulties using the map you can make a request using the form. Note that the form will be reviewed manually and may take longer to action.

Accessible request street cleaning form

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Environment and waste

Contact us about environment and waste issues.

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Telephone: 020 8547 5002