Park maintenance

Park Maintenance

Our grounds maintenance partners Glendale empty bins and clear litter from our parks and playgrounds each morning. They will only remove dog waste if it is posing a health hazard such as in a playground. 

They are also responsible for cutting grass in parks and carrying out inspections and repairs in playgrounds. Please visit Glendale’s local website, for further information on the parks maintenance services they carry out. 
If you would like to comment or report an issue in a park please email the environment team. We will only get back to you if we need more information about your report. Your report will be inspected next time our team is in your area.

Park Trees

Trees in parks are inspected every summer and any health and safety works identified. Please note that trees in parks will not necessarily be pruned for reasons of aesthetics or light. Shrubs will be pruned at appropriate times of the year depending on their flowering cycle.

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