Council housing repairs

Repairs we are responsible for

We are responsible for maintaining the structure of your home and any communal areas.

This includes:

  • the structure of the property for example walls, roofs, joists and beams
  • window frames, window catches and safety devices
  • external doors and door frames
  • treatment of damp (other than condensation), rot and woodworm
  • communal areas such as pathways, estate roads, hallways, communal stairs and lighting, balconies and waste chutes
  • lifts and fire equipment
  • door entry equipment
  • communal television aerials
  • warden call systems
  • fencing and gates to communal parts or gardens
  • plasterwork to walls and ceilings
  • drains, gutters, down pipes, chimneys and flues

If the damage to doors or windows is a result of a crime, we will need a crime reference number. Without this reference number, you will have to pay for the repairs.

Repairs to installations

We will repair and maintain permanent installations within your home.

These include:

  • baths, basins, sinks, toilets, cisterns, kitchen cupboards and work surfaces (we will clear blockages, however you will be recharged if the cause of the blockage is attributed to you)
  • water, electricity, and existing gas supplies
  • gas fittings and appliances such as central heating, water heaters, boilers and fitted fires (if owned and installed by us)
  • electrical wiring including sockets and switches

You must notify us when a repair is needed.

You will need to allow us and our contractors access to your home so that we can carry out repairs. This includes access to repair a neighbouring property.

In cases where we need to gain access in an emergency, we may need to force access to your home to carry out a repair.

Making changes

If you want to change any fittings and fixtures inside your property that are our responsibility to maintain then you will need to get our written permission.

This can include:

  • fitting a new bathroom or kitchen
  • fitting laminate flooring
  • installing a new light fitting
  • carrying out any alterations to our standard fittings and services such as gas, electric, water and drainage

Email for more information.

Grounds maintenance service - housing estates

Glendale provides a grounds maintenance service to Kingston housing estates. This includes tasks such as leaf clearance from grass areas, shrub maintenance and grass cutting. The service varies by season throughout the year.

For further information on the services provided on your estate and to find out when works are scheduled in your estate area visit the Glendale website

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Housing Contact Centre

You can get in touch with our Contact Centre

Address: Guildhall 2
High Street
Kingston upon Thames

Telephone: 0208 547 5003