Council housing repairs

Asking for a repair

Information on who is responsible for repairs and how to request a repair

Emergency repairs

Call 0208 547 5003 to report an emergency repair. Do not report emergency repairs using the form. 

Call us to tell us about:

  • burst pipes or uncontrollable leaks
  • no power to the property
  • boarding up broken windows
  • insecure front door or window
  • loss of drinking water - you should also contact Thames Water to see if they are aware of the issue 

Non-urgent repairs

You can use the DIY guide to fix some simple repair issues. This may save you from waiting for an appointment. 

Report Your Repair 

Time frames

We will attend to urgent repairs first. We will make an appointment for routine repairs

Our timeframe for completing repairs is:

  • emergency repairs: 2hrs
  • urgent repairs: 24 hours
  • routine repairs: 20 working days

We will try to complete your repair within the maximum time frame.

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Housing Contact Centre

You can get in touch with our Contact Centre

Address: Guildhall 2
High Street
Kingston upon Thames

Telephone: 0208 547 5003