RAISE Fund for Growth and a Greener economy

Important notes for all applicants:


  • Applying for a grant does not necessarily mean that a funding will be paid, even if you meet the eligibility criteria.
  • The funding offered may be higher or lower than what you have applied for, depending on the level of interest we receive.
  • Kingston Council may change any aspect of the scheme at any time, to ensure it meets demand and needs.

The funding is to aid business growth and recovery. We acknowledge that some businesses may have taken on significant loans during the past two years - this will not be a barrier to applying provided the business is demonstrably viable and sustainable.

What happens if our application is successful? 

Our grants manager, Rocket Science, will notify all successful applicants in the form of an ‘intention to fund’ letter.  We will then work with you to agree the details of your programme as well as the types of support you can expect from us. These will be confirmed in your grant agreement, along with the payment terms and schedule. 

As part of the grant agreement you will be expected to complete a project evaluation report following the delivery of the programme.  Guidance and reporting templates will be shared during your grant set-up.  We will also arrange a follow-up conversation with you during or after delivery of your proposal to  contribute to the fund’s evaluation.

What happens if our application is unsuccessful? 

In keeping with our commitment to learning and to sharing information, we will provide feedback to all applicants depending on which stage they reached. Applicants which do not meet the fund’s eligibility requirements (stage 1) will receive an automated message stating that you are not eligible to apply 

Applicants who submit at Stages 2 but are not recommended for funding, will be notified by email containing feedback and potential alternative sources of funding.

Supporting information:

Grant programme management: We have appointed delivery partners Rocket Science to support us with the management and evaluation of the fund.  Rocket Science will oversee the administration of grants, support the assessment of applications and the monitoring of the grants awarded.

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