RAISE Fund for Growth and a Greener economy

Who can apply and how much is available?

You can apply for RAISE funding if your business:

  • is established and has been trading for at least 18 months, under private ownership 
  • has an established client base and turnover, to be able to demonstrate capacity for viable growth
  • is solvent and stable - not at risk of closure 
  • is an independent business based in and trading from the borough of Kingston upon Thames. If your business operates from multiple locations, your substantive base or majority of your locations should be within the borough.

businesses of any size and sector can apply but the following general guideline applies:

  • Up to five employees: Funding of £5,000-£10,000
  • 6-49 employees: Funding up to £25,000

We would expect that the scale of the funding would be directly related to the outputs it would achieve. 

What the fund cannot support:

  • The fund is not aimed at start-up businesses that have been actively trading for less than 18 months.
  • Funding cannot be used to service debt or staff costs.
  • Businesses that are part of large or national chains are not eligible.
  • Interventions that might be considered a standard business enhancement that would be part of day-to-day business modernisation - such as installing an EPOS system, website or delivering marketing. 
  • Initiatives that have an overall negative impact on the environment or are focussed on improving the efficiency of fossil-fuel and related technologies.

Is match funding required?

We do not demand match funding to be secured to apply -  applicants must demonstrate 25% of non cash equivalent / in kind support as part of the application. This can be via an equivalent commitment of time, expertise for example. However, projects that can demonstrate cash match funding are welcome and may help support your proposal during our shortlisting.


Last Modified: 03/12/2021 16:33:59