RAISE Fund for Growth and a Greener economy

About the RAISE Fund

As part of our commitment to addressing the challenges of climate change, we are particularly interested in proposals which help address climate priorities and environmental challenges either through addressing the businesses’ own operations, or supporting others to do so through its products and services. The fund can support businesses to take advantage of the opportunities created from the ‘green economy’ so that they will grow,  innovate and save costs, while reducing emissions and becoming resource efficient. 

We invite all borough businesses to think about how they can grow effectively, or address the impacts of climate change, and how our fund may help you achieve this.

Objectives (what we are looking for) 

Applications will need to address at least one of the following objectives:

  • adapt to new ways of working that enhance productivity, or boost resilience

  • adopt and absorb new technologies, systems or processes aiming to increase productivity and/or economies of scale

  • develop new improved or expanded products, services, systems or processes that expand turnover, profitability or employment.

  • undertake research, feasibility or other analysis that supports further development, including prototype development.

  • address the negative impact of climate change or environmental challenges through the business’ own operations, or supporting others to do so through its products and services. For example, implementing resource efficiencies and/or reduction of the negative impact of business activities on the environment, or linking climate change solutions with health and wellbeing.

  • supporting the positive impact of the new service or product on the natural environment and/or tackling climate change, i.e. reduction in negative environmental impacts or increase in positive environmental impacts, such as reduction in CO2 and/or air-pollution, improving resource efficiency, waste management, or changing people’s behaviour

  • enhance skills and knowledge or leadership to achieve one of the objectives above


No proposals should have a net negative impact on the environment or be focussed on improving efficiency of fossil-fuel and related technologies

Output and outcomes of the fund (the changes and impacts we are seeking)

We will take account of both economic and social value when considering applications, including the following, where these relate to your proposal and you choose to express these as part of your application:

  • number of new jobs created, expanded or safeguarded directly through the proposal

  • growth in turnover, profitability or productivity

  • new, improved or expanded product(s), service(s) or process(es), tools and techniques, including apps and development of prototypes

  • skills, experience or qualifications achieved that enhances your business’s capacity to deliver your proposed objectives

  • increased sales and/or market share and/or turnover

  • increased operational efficiencies, i.e. better use of resources, which will lead to better value for money from investments and/or reduction of the negative impact on the environment

  • growth in use of local supply chains related to the growth achieved

  • production of new knowledge or learning that informs a clear plan of action for your proposed business growth

  • opportunities provided to local people to enhance their employability, such as work experience, traineeships, mentoring and engagement of schools

  • extent of demonstrable positive impact on climate change - such as reduced energy consumption

  • demonstration of how you will negate any growth in negative environmental impact related to the expected growth

We are open to other outputs and outcomes that you may propose in addition to those selected from the list above. The scale and nature of these outputs will be important in determining whether your application is successful, particularly if the fund is over-subscribed.  

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