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Essential Skills

English and Maths

Courses offered at different levels (Functional skills and GCSE) to help you develop practical everyday English and Maths skills needed for life, study and work.

There are also a range of new maths short courses designed to raise numeracy skills and confidence in using maths in everyday life.  These include help understanding bills, interest rates and with budgeting to keep within your means.  Gain skills to help your child or teenager with maths.  Short maths courses for ESOL learners.  Life maths skills for those with a learning difficulty or disability.

For more information about English or maths courses, please see the course information in the course directory here or email englishandmaths@kingston.gov.uk

English for speakers of other languages - ESOL classes

English (ESOL) classes for adults who are permanently settled in the UK.  Following the ESOL Skills for Life curriculum, the classes are offered at different levels to meet your needs.  Get help with your speaking, reading and writing.  
Courses are also available for ESOL learners to help them gain employment and to gain basic maths skills.

For more information about ESOL courses, please see ESOL course information in the course directory here or email esol@kingston.gov.uk

An appointment will be made for new learners for an assessment before joining these courses.

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