Council owned trees

Become a tree warden

All residents are invited to contribute to our annual tree planting plan, water any new young trees on your street to help them along, or sponsor a tree to fund the planting of an additional tree.

If you want to get more involved than that, there is plenty you can do. As local tree champions, tree wardens are the eyes and ears of their neighbourhoods.

You can play an active role in conserving and enhancing the trees that you see and enjoy in your community every day by getting involved in one or more of the below activities:

  • identifying areas for new trees
  • organising local community tree planting projects
  • having input into species selection and planting locations
  • helping to plant and care for trees
  • watering young trees (on regular agreed basis)
  • monitoring and reporting disease, decay or vandalism
  • raising funds to 'sponsor a tree'
  • If you would like to get more involved in looking after trees, please email

Last Modified: 15/02/2022 10:35:32