Tree planting

Tree planting 2021/22

We are currently in the process of planting 542 new trees across the borough between November 2021 and March 2022.

In addition, a further 950 trees were planted in November 2021 thanks to volunteers, supported by our tree contractors, Glendale Green Spaces Contractors and ATS. 

Our trees are always planted in the winter months when they are dormant, as this increases survival rates. Where a tree is removed, it may not be possible to immediately replace a tree in that exact location, or it may take some time to plant another tree, but suitable vacant pits on streets are added to a planting list for future planting schemes.

It is really important that you do not plant trees on the public highway yourself - it can be incredibly dangerous due to hidden cables and pipes under the surface. If you are interested in getting involved in tree planting and care, you might want to get involved in our tree wardens scheme..

You can see a rough map of the locations of the 542 trees being planted in our map below.

Last Modified: 10/03/2022 12:03:07