Council owned trees

Sponsor a street tree

You can sponsor a new tree in your street, another street, in a park or open space in the borough for £350.

We welcome requests from individuals, residents associations, local organisations and companies who would like to sponsor a tree. Tree sponsorship can commemorate a special event, person or is done to improve the local environment.

Please email us at if you are interested in sponsoring a tree and we will help you with your enquiry.

Please note that unfortunately commemorative plaques are not possible.

Locations of sponsored street trees

Opportunities for planting are available on much of the land managed by Kingston Council, including parks and open spaces. We will offer advice on what type of tree is suitable and discuss the location of the tree with you - we generally try to match the existing street scene. If it is a new planting site, then we carry out a safety and suitability check before the site is agreed.

We will purchase, plant and maintain the trees. New street trees will always benefit from extra watering by the sponsor, if they wish to do this. The planting season runs from the beginning of November through to the middle of March, so in order to give the trees the best possible start, we do not plant outside of these months.

Our trees are responsibly sourced from a specialist nursery. Choosing the right suppliers makes a huge difference to how the plants establish in the long term. We only use british grown trees from nurseries that have a high commitment to biosecurity. This means trees are fully acclimatised and we avoid importing any pests or diseases such as Ash Die Back. It is for this reason that we are unable to accept gifted trees or those that have been purchased privately.

Last Modified: 15/03/2023 14:56:18