Grass cutting, leaf clearing and weeding

Grass cutting

We are responsible for grass cutting:

  • Parks and open spaces
  • Roadside grass verges, roundabouts and central reservations.
  • Council housing land

For further information on grass cutting services in the borough and to find out when grass will be next cut in your area, please visit the Glendale website.

Grounds Maintenance Service - Kingston Council Housing Estates

Glendale provides a grounds maintenance service to Kingston housing estates. This includes tasks such as leaf clearance from grass areas, shrub maintenance and grass cutting. The service varies by season throughout the year.

For further information on the services provided on your estate and to find out when works are scheduled in your estate area please visit the Glendale website


Parks, green spaces and housing land

The council has stopped using chemical weed control on hard standing areas in parks and playgrounds. Instead, its contractor, Glendale, uses manual weeding, electric tools, mulch and hoeing to remove and suppress weeds.

These techniques are also used in shrub beds and on hard surfaces on Kingston’s housing land, which is also managed by Glendale.

On the public highway

From June 2022, the council will trial reducing herbicide treatment on highway pavements and road channels from two sprays a year to one spray a year.  

We will undertake regular monitoring of the streets for weed presence following the treatment and a review of the trial will be undertaken later in the year to inform weed treatment proposals for next year.

Leaves on the street

During the autumn we have additional crews out, working to clear areas that have high levels of leaf fall.

We aim to keep the roads and pavements clear of slippery wet leaves. We have a leafing programme that covers roads with known high leaf fall as well as responding quickly to reports of other areas that require attention. Where we receive report of hazardous leaves we will visit to assess and arrange clearing as necessary. We do not cover clearance of leaves from private land.

You can help by

  • reporting areas that may require special leaf clearance so that we can arrange an inspection
  • not sweeping leaves onto the public highway from your property
  • collecting leaves from your property and either:

Report a street cleaning issue

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