Local Land Charges search

Inspection of the Local Land Charges register

Most requests to carry out a Local Land Charges Search are submitted by solicitors or licensed conveyors acting on a purchaser's behalf.

Processing each search involves researching and supplying information so we charge a fee.  However, individuals are able to carry out their own searches for free.

You will need to consult three sources of information if you plan to carry out your own search (you can download one of our guides to help you):

The Local Land Charges Register

The Local Land Charges Register / Personal Search Requests Personal search requests of the LLC Register should be emailed to [email protected].

We are currently turning round personal searches within 10 - 12 working days. This is dependent upon numbers of requests received and resources available.

We are currently only able to respond to enquiries submitted by email to [email protected]. Please note we are currently not able to deal with enquiries by telephone.

Answers to some of questions contained within the search can be found on our planning database, building control applications database and map gallery.

Thames Water

You will need to speak to Thames Water Property Searches to find answers to some of the questions contained within the search.

Thames Water Property Searches.

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