Local Land Charges search



Schedule of local land charge search fees from 1st August 2019

  • LLC1 Official Search in respect of one parcel of land - £24 
  • Search in a single part of the Local Land Charges Register (including issue of the official certificate of search) - £11  
  • LLC1 Official Search Additional parcel of land - £6 each
  • LLC Register Inspections - Free of charge
  • Office copy of an entry in the register (not including a copy or extract of any plan or document filed pursuant to LLC Rules) - £10
  • Con29 Enquiries - £84.00 (inc £14.00 VAT)
  • Con29 Optional Enquiries - £6.00 each (inc £1.00 VAT)  
  • CON29 Additional parcels of land - £18.00 each parcel (inc £3.00 VAT) 
  • LLC1 Search and Con29 - £108 (inc £14.00 VAT)
  • Solicitor's own written enquiries - £48 each  (inc £8.00 VAT)
  • Registration of a charge in Part 11 of the LLC register (light obstruction notice) - price on application 
  • Filing of a definitive certificate of the Lands Tribunal rule 10(3) - price on application 
  • Filing a judgement, order or application to vary or cancellation of any entry in Part 11 of the register - price on application 

Turn-around and cancellations

We are currently turning round official searches within 10 - 12 working days. This is dependent upon numbers of requests received and resources available.

We are currently only able to respond to enquiries submitted by email to local.landcharges@kingston.gov.uk. Please note we are currently not able to deal with enquiries by telephone.

We regret searches may only be cancelled on the day of receipt.  After this time work will have commenced on your application.

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