Apply for building regulation approval

Apply for Building Regulation approval

The quickest and simplest way of submitting a Building Notice, Full Plans application or apply for a Regularisation certificate is to do in online (explained below). 

Submitting your application online in three easy steps

Step 1

Refer to our 'Building Control Charges Schedule' to work out how much you will need to pay. The amount you pay depends on the work you're doing, but the total will be same whether you choose a Full Plans or Building Notice application. If you need any help with this, please contact us at or if you prefer, you can call us on 020 8547 5002.  

Step 2

The quickest way to apply is directly through the Planning Portal website  where you will be asked to enter details of the project and to attach copies of your building plans, structural engineering designs and site location plans (where appropriate). Even if you are not sure what charges need to be paid, you will still be able to submit your application.

 Apply via planning portal

Alternatively, you can complete an application form (Building control application forms) and return it to us via email, ensuring to attach copies of your building plans, structural engineering designs and site location plans (where appropriate).

Alternatively you can download the relevant application form to complete and submit by hand.  

(As of the 1st April we will be stopping the acceptance of applications submitted using the Submit a plan service to apply for Building Regulations. Please submit it directly to Building Control or use the Planning Portal application.)

Step 3

Once you have formally submitted your application, payment can then be made directly through the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames website using a credit or debit card. Our charges are among the most competitive in London and start at just £665.00 inclusive of VAT for a simple extension. When the work starts or you need to schedule a site inspection, you can book this on-line through the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames website. If you prefer, you can always contact us on 020 8547 5002.

Pay for Building Control

What happens next?

Full Plans application 

If you’ve made a Full Plans application, we will first check to see if your plans meet the regulations. If we need more information or changes we’ll contact you, usually within ten working days. Our aim is to approve your plans as quickly as possible. We have five weeks to do this, but if you agree, we can extend the time to eight weks to give us time to resolve any issues. We’ll also inspect the work on site when it starts.

Building Notice

If you’ve submitted a Building Notice you don't usually need to attach any detailed plans, although if you have any it’s a good idea to include them. We’ll contact you if we need any further information like structural calculations for loft conversions.

It’s your responsibility to make sure you meet the Building Regulations. Our surveyor will try to let you know in advance if there might be any problems, but we can’t  anticipate every eventuality so if in doubt, please ask.


We will inspect the work and tell you what (if anything) needs to be exposed and what (if anything) needs to be done in order for a certificate to be issued. This can take some time, especially when major work is needed to bring a building up to standard.

You can decide not to proceed with the process at any stage (providing the work has been completed for more than two years and no life-threatening defects are apparent) in which case we will close our file. Unfortunately, we will not be able to refund any part of the charge you have paid.

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