Noise issues

What is a noise nuisance?

A noise nusiance is noise that interferes significantly with your right to enjoy your home.

Noise is not a statutory nuisance just because it is loud. The person responsible for the noise must be acting unreasonably.

We also consider:

  • how often the noise occurs
  • how long the noise sounds for
  • how loud it is
  • the time of day or night
  • the character of the noise (whether it has any particularly annoying characteristics)
  • the nature of the area

We can usually take action for persistent noise disturbance from:

  • amplified music
  • barking dogs
  • DIY activities
  • car and burglar alarms
  • building sites (if the noise is outside specified working hours)
  • noisy deliveries
  • licensed premises
  • commercial and industrial activities
  • plant and equipment (machinery noise, such as air conditioning and extractor fans etc)

We cannot take action for noises such as:

  • general domestic noise transmitted through poor sound insulation
  • children playing inside and outside premises
  • shouting and fighting
  • traffic noise
  • aircraft noise
  • noise from rowdy or antisocial behaviour in the street or public places

Last Modified: 06/01/2022 14:25:35