Noise issues

Don’t be a noise nuisance yourself

Simple precautions can often be taken to prevent complaints being made about you. In particular we would advise that when carrying out DIY or organising a party you take the following guidance into consideration.


Before starting DIY works, you should:

  • consider the impact upon your neighbours
  • discuss the works with any neighbours who will be affected
  • take into account any special needs your neighbour may have, such as shift work, children’s sleep patterns, people working from home etc
  • try to reach a consensus on the least intrusive times when noisy work may be carried out.


If you are planning a party your neighbours are likely to be more understanding if you warn them well in advance, giving them at least a weeks’ notice.

  • Don’t just tell your immediate neighbours but all those who may be affected. This is particularly important in blocks of flats.
  • Provide an end time and keep to it so neighbours know when to expect it to stop. Make sure the end time is reasonable.
  • During your party go outside and check noise levels.  We often get complaints about the bass notes of music.
  • Ensure that the volume does not increase during the evening.
  • Unwanted sound has a greater impact later at night when other background noise levels reduce.
  • Think about the size of your home to ensure that the number of guests you have invited have sufficient space and fresh air without compromising your ability to control the noise.
  • Keep as many of your windows and doors closed as possible to control the break out of noise. This is particularly important as the evening progresses.
  • Do not let your party spread onto communal areas, balconies or the street.
  • If your guests are leaving late at night ask them to say their goodbyes inside your home rather than out in the street and no sounding of car horns please.
  • Outside parties can present great problems to neighbours since your ability to control the noise is seriously reduced.
  • If you intend to play music outside, especially if you have a band or DJ, you should start the party earlier so the party can finish earlier or continue inside.  
  • Depending upon the type of party you intend to hold, the number of guests and size of your home you may wish to hire a hall that may be more suitable for your needs.
  • Halls are often more able to control noise and you will ensure that you do not upset your neighbours.

Last Modified: 02/10/2020 16:24:05