Noise issues

Report a noise nuisance to us

What to do first

  • If the noise is coming from your neighbour, you may like to approach the person and explain politely that you are being disturbed. Many people are often unaware that their activities are causing disturbance and respond positively to any polite request.
  • If your direct approach to your neighbour has failed you may wish to write to them explaining the problem. Keep copies of any correspondence that you send and make notes of any conversations.
  • Start keeping a noise diary - record dates and times of the noise, how it affects you and start and end times.
  • If your neighbours are tenants you may wish to contact the landlord or letting agency, housing association or our housing team as there may be conditions of tenancy that are being breached.

Report a noise nuisance

You can use our online form to tell us about noise nuisance.

You need to tell us:

  • where the noise in coming from – the address
  • a description of the noise
  • details of the noise – time of day it sounds
  • how often the noise disturbance occurs
  • if it is a car alarm – the vehicle registration

Report a noise nuisance

You should continue to keep a noise diary recording the dates and times of the noise, how it affects you and start and end times. 

The information you provide will not be passed onto the source of the noise without your consent, unless the issue goes to court

  • If it goes to court you may be asked to provide a witness statement and/or appear in court.
  • You do not have to appear if you do not want to but it may help the case if you do.

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