Pregnant? Not sure what to do?


Are you pregnant?

 NHS choices has a pregnancy and baby guide that answers questions like:

  • signs and symptoms of pregnancy
  • pregnancy tests
  • your next steps if you've had a positive pregnancy test

Teenage pregnancy guide

NHS choices has a guide for young mums that looks at issues like:
  • who to talk to for confidential advice
  • getting help if you're on your own
  • continuing your education 

Options and termination of pregnancy

You do not need a referral to access these free services, you can contact them yourself.  

  • The South West London Central Booking Service is the first point of contact
  • They can provide advice, discuss your options with you, and arrange an appointment with you for consultation or treatment
  • Tel: 0345 872 5503
  • For more information on termination of pregnancy see NHS Choices