The Coombe Estate

Roads we maintain

We look after any roads that were built on the estate in 1933 or earlier. These are known as the Scheduled Roads. They are:

  • Warren Road
  • Brook Gardens
  • Edgecombe Close
  • George Road
  • Golf Club Drive
  • Renfrew Road
  • Stoke Road
  • Warren Cutting

We are also responsible for maintaining the path from Edgecombe Close to Golf Club Drive.

What maintenance includes

The Council monitors and arranges maintenance for: the carriageways, footways, lighting, drainage, access barriers, fencing, signage, margins, grass areas, shrubs, scavenging and cleansing.

Maintenance costs

The property owners on the estate pay for the maintenance of these roads. The Council bills them every June for the actual cost of work done in the previous financial year.

Roads we don’t look after

The maintenance of any road or shared access not included above is the responsibility of the relevant property owners. They are known as the New Roads.

Public access

All roads on the estate, including those maintained by the Council, are private. They can only be used by property owners on the estate - or anyone they’re connected with - to gain access. There is a pedestrian right of way along Warren Road and George Road.

If you require further information about the maintenance of roads on the Estate, please call us on 020 8547 5002.