Choose an instrument, then hire or buy

Hire or buy an instrument

Hire your instrument

You don't have to buy an instrument for your child - instead you can hire one from us. 

You can arrange hire with us when you book lessons. There's just a few things to know before you hire an instrument from us:

  • you need to give us a deposit which is one term's fees
  • your deposit will be returned to you when you return the instrument (as long as it's in reasonable condition)
  • you need to arrange insurance for the instrument
  • you need to maintain and clean the instrument
  • you need to return the instrument when your child's lessons stop or they stop playing in a group

If we don't have the instrument you need available we'll put you in touch with a local hire shop. 

See more about hiring musical instruments

Buy your instrument 

If you'd like to buy your child their own instrument you can buy it through us without paying VAT. This is part of the assisted instrument purchase scheme. Find out more about buying an instrument for your child.