Fees and payment

Kingston Music Service fees 2021

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Lesson prices - January 2021

Prices are for ten, one to one lessons, per term. Click here to see our term dates.

One to one music lessons for children under 18 cost:

  • 20 minutes (for beginners) is £149 per term
  • 30 minutes (for intermediate) is £217 per term
  • 40 minutes (for advanced) is £290 per term

Paired lesson (two pupils):

  • 30 minutes is £95 per term

Group lesson (three pupils):

  • 30 minutes is £75 per term

If your child has taken part in the Wider Opportunities Scheme (whole class instrumental lessons), then prices for the following year after wider opportunities are:

  • group lessons (two to four pupils): 30 minutes is £88.50 per term
  • one to one lessons: 20 minutes is £134.10 per term
  • one to one lessons: 30 minutes is £195.30 per term

Students at The Kingston Academy and Hollyfield School:

  • One to one lessons: 25 minutes is £185 per term
  • Paired lessons (two pupils): 25 minutes is £79 per term 
  • Group lessons (three pupils): 25 minutes is £63.00 per term

KS1 Infant recorder and ukulele groups

  • Group lessons for recorder and ukelele (infant schools only): 30 minutes is £50 per term

Ensemble, music theory and music technology fees

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  • The joining fee for each group is £72 per term.
  • You can also apply for an "Activity Passport" for more than one activity (including music theory and technology classes) at £110 per term.
  • A family discount of 50 percent is available for siblings.
  • Membership for bursary students is free for the first year with a fee of £28.80 per term for subsequent years.

Adult music lessons

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Group keyboard/guitar lessons

  • (up to 10 in a group) £11.00 per session with 10 weeks in each term (£110.00 per term)

Individual adult lessons

Lessons can be individual 20, 30 or 40 minutes long and take place at evenings and weekends at our music centres.

Prices are for 10 lessons per term:

  • 20 minutes one to one lessons £163 per term
  • 30 minutes one to one lessons £240 per term
  • 40 minutes one to one lessons £323 per term

Kingston Wind Orchestra

  • £20 per rehearsal

Blues Route into Jazz

  • £16.50 per session

If you have any questions about lesson fees, please email: [email protected]

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