What are the options for music lessons?

If you want to arrange music lessons for your child we can help you. First choose where you want your child to have music lessons. They can have lessons:

  • in school, during the school day, so you don't have to make special arrangements for your child, or
  • in one of our music centres in the evening or at weekends, so school time is not interrupted

Music lessons in schools

If your child goes to school in the borough, we can arrange for him or her to have music lessons during the school day at the school. Lesson times are set by the school to fit with their timetables. So exact lesson times will vary from school to school. We deliver ten lessons each term. You can see school term dates online. 

Music lessons in centres

We run several music centres across the borough:

  • Hook music centre
  • Coombe music centre
  • Kingston music centre
  • Tolworth music centre
  • Surbiton music centre
Most lessons in music centres are individual lessons. They're ideal if your child:
  • is a pupil at a school outside of the borough
  • prefers not to have music lessons during school hours
  • attends a school where in school lessons is not possible 

Decide on an instrument

You can hire an instrument, or buy one through us. You can also try out instruments before you commit to learning. Find out more about which instrument to choose.

How long and how much for each lesson?

You can choose group or one to one lessons, lessons for 20, 30 or 40 minutes. You can see the full prices and apply for music lessons online: