Rent a garage

End your rental agreement

How to do I cancel my rental agreement?

If you wish to cancel your garage rental agreement (licence) you need to give notice in writing to our Housing Office. 

Give us notice well in advance of the day you want the rental agreement to stop. You need to give at least one week's notice. For the purposes of the rental agreement the week runs Monday to Sunday.

Include the following information in your notice:

  • your name
  • your contact details - address, email and telephone
  • the address of the garage or parking space you are cancelling   
  • the date you would like the tenancy to end (this will always be a Sunday as tenancies are weekly starting on Monday)  

Return the keys:

  • in person, by Recorded Delivery or Registered Post 
  • before 12 noon on the Monday on which the notice expires
  • to the Post Room Guildhall 2 , High Street, Kingston Upon Thames KT1 1EU

Make sure the garage is empty and clean when it is returned to us. If there are still things in the garage we'll need to arrange for them to be removed and we could charge you for this.

Once we receive your notice we'll contact you to confirm the rental agreement has ended.

What if I stop using the garage?

If you stop using your garage and do not cancel the rental agreement by giving us notice in writing, you will still be charged.

What if I stop paying? 

If you stop paying rent without giving us notice in writing you will continue to be charged and:

  • we will take recovery action to take the garage back
  • we may charge you if we have to change the locks
  • we will contact you for any outstanding payments

Last Modified: 06/05/2022 15:19:16