Rent a garage

Garage sites that are being considered for demolition

The sites that were initially earmarked for demolition are still being reviewed so there is no guarantee at this stage that the garages will be demolished. Licencees will be informed in writing at the earliest opportunity of the date of demolition, if one is set. Licencees will receive at least one month's notice.

The following sites will be surveyed. Following the surveys, decisions will be made on each site.

  • Canbury Court
  • Elm Road
  • Marshall House
  • Mount Pleasant Road
  • New Road
  • Ryhill Court
  • Ripon Gardens, garages 10- 22 
  • Selby Close
  • Wessex Close
  • Vincent House, garages 19 - 22
  • Kent Way, garages 25-35 (1-24 under review)
  • Maple Court, garages 20-37

Last Modified: 19/01/2024 09:34:00