Coping with extreme weather

Wet weather: Flooding

Living near or on the riverside or on a floodplain means that your property may be at risk of flooding. You can find out if your property is at risk from flooding by visiting the long term flood risk assessment for locations in England page on the website.

If your property is at risk of flooding, you can sign up for the Environment Agency's free flood warning messages for your area by either registering online with Floodline warnings or by calling the Floodline (24 hour service) on 0345 988 1188. These warning messages are sent direct to you by telephone, mobile, email, SMS text message, fax or pager. You can also check GOV.UK's flood maps.

The latest information on flooding can be found on the Environment Agency website or by phoning them on 0345 988 1188. For the flood risk forecast visit the Flood Forecasting Centre and get the latest weather warning from the Met Office. has useful information to help you and your family prepare for flooding including improving your property's flood protection. This webpage includes advice on how to make a flood plan. A flood plan will ensure you and your family know what to do if there's a flood.

To help you and your family prepare for a flood:

Report a flood or get help during a flood

If you notice a flood in your area, tell us about the incident using our online form. We will use the information to gather data on flooding in the borough and be better prepared for potential flooding. If the issue is urgent or dangerous please contact us by phone on 0208 547 5002 (Monday-Friday 9-5pm) or 0208 547 5800 (out of hours).  You can also use this number if you need to leave your home or are unable to stay in your home due to flooding and need temporary accommodation.

If you need to travel, check flood warnings and road travel information first. 

Report an electrical, gas or sewage problem

To report:

Pumping out water

Ask your local fire brigade for help pumping out water. They may charge a fee for this service..

Your local fire brigade can help you get a permit if you need to pimp water out of your property. You will need a permit if you want to pump water into:rivers, ditches or watercourses (for example a brook or mill stream), check with your local Environment Agency office (Addington)

What to do after a flood

We'll do our best to prevent flooding in the borough but if it does happen, once the flooding has stopped we'll help restore the flooded area to normal by:

  • providing support to those affected by flooding

  • considering how we can prevent future flooding and reduce its effect 
  • working with government departments and partner agencies, hoping to secure funding and grants to for those affected.

You can find more information about what to do after a flood on the council's emergency planning web pages including advice on clearing up sandbags. 

You can also:

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