Emergency planning advice

Electricity, gas or water failure

Short term power cuts, gas cuts or water supply issues are dealt with by your distribution network operator (the people that look after the power lines). 


We'll only get involved if the issue affects:

  • a large number of people
  • more than one utility 
  • goes on for a long time

Electricity failure


UK Power Networks is responsible for the power lines in Kingston upon Thames.

You should report a power cut or a dangerous situation with electrical cables to them. The UK Power Networks website has guidance on what to do in a power cut, including:

  • how to be put on their priority register if you have electrical medical equipment
  • details of future planned power cuts 
  • status of live power cuts
  • safety advice for power cuts
  • advice for vulnerable people

Gas supply issues

The National Grid deal with all major gas issues. You can report a gas leak or other problem with them.


Water supply problems

Thames Water is responsible for your water supply. The Thames Water website can tell you:


  • about current issues in your area
  • how to fix a problem with low water pressure
  • how to do a leak test and work out who is responsible for the leak 
  • how to prepare and protect your home and water supply during winter 


Managing power and fuel in emergencies 


If supplies of petrol or diesel are restricted, the government will use emergency powers to manage the distribution of fuel. This could include:
  • a scheme to ensure petrol and diesel for the emergency services and utilities
  • a maximum purchase scheme for residents (pumps give out a set amount of petrol or diesel per person). 


You can read more about how the government plans for emergencies affecting oil, gas and electricity production and supply.