Flooding advice. Before, during and after

After a flood: what to do

What we do after a flood

We'll do our best to prevent flooding in the borough but if it does happen, we'll:
  • help restore the flooded area to normality
  • provide support to those affected by flooding
  • consider how we can prevent future flooding and reduce its affect 
  • work with government departments and partner agencies, hoping to secure funding and grants to for those affected

What you can do after a flood

What to do after a flood, once the water has receded: 
  • read GOV.UK's advice on clearing up after a flood
  • wear protective clothing such as wellies and rubber gloves before starting any clean up
  • remove dirty water and silt from your property
  • if you have wooden floors remove dirty water from the space under the ground floor, it may need pumping out
  • emergency services do not provide a pumping-out service so you'll need to get pumps from hardware and DIY stores
  • if using a petrol or diesel pump make sure the generator is outside and that doors and windows are closed - generators produce carbon monoxide fumes which can kill
  • ventilate your property, open doors and windows - less damp means less damage
  • get your local electricity supply checked before switching it back on
  • don't use electrical equipment exposed to flood water until it has been checked by a qualified electrician
  • have your gas or oil central heating checked by a qualified person
  • follow the Food Standards Agency's advice on food safety after a flood
  • follow our advice on clearing up sandbags
  • get professional advice (structural engineer) for repairs if your property is damaged, GOV.UK can help you find repairers
  • don’t dispose of damaged goods until your insurers have had a chance to inspect them
  • flood water can leave a muddy deposit containing bacteria but a thorough clean up reduces the health risk 
  • if anyone becomes ill after accidentally swallowing flood water or mud, contact a doctor and tell them about the flooding
  • apply for a Council Tax reduction