How we make decisions

Strategic Committees

Full Council appoints the following Strategic Committees to take most of the significantly high-level policy decisions relating to the management of the Council's services where they have an impact across more than one Neighbourhood. 

Corporate and Resources Committee

This Committee is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the Council and has specific responsibility for its Revenue and Capital Monitoring and Expenditure, Recommendations to the Council on the levying of Council Tax, Revenues and Benefits, Strategic Partnerships, Human Resources and Pensions Investment Company Assets, including the disposal or acquisition of land or property, Contracts and Commissioning, Equalities, Communications, Consultation & Engagement, Customer Contact, ICT & Digital, International Partnerships, Constitutional issues, Members Services, Electoral Services, Legal Affairs and it also leads on the Council’s Covid recovery activities. 

People Committee

This Committee is responsible for all aspects of children's and adults social care and safeguarding, education provision including Special Educational Needs, the youth service, Looked After Children and mental health.

Place and Culture Committee

This Committee is responsible for the Council’s housing and environment functions, including Council housing, homelessness, housing standards and regeneration programmes such as the Cambridge Road Estate project. It also leads on planning policy (but not the determination of individual planning applications), heritage, culture, libraries, public health, air quality, waste and recycling, parks and open spaces, transport, highways and parking.

You can find out more about each of these Committees, including meeting dates and view all the agendas and minutes for those meetings on our Modern Gov website

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