Request new or replacement bins and boxes

How to order a new bin or box if yours is missing, damaged, or you need more space.

Replace a missing or damaged bin or box

Use this service to request a replacement for a missing or damaged bin, including your:

  • green recycling boxes or bins
  • blue lid paper and cardboard bins
  • black rubbish bins
  • indoor and outdoor food waste bins
  • garden waste bins if you’re subscribed to the service

Extra green recycling boxes

Use this service to request additional recycling boxes. You can have up to 5 recycling boxes, or swap to a wheelie bin if you have at least 3 boxes.

Request bins

Request new or replacement bins

We’ll deliver your bins within 20 working days. You do not need to be at home for the delivery.

If your current bin is damaged, leave it somewhere visible and easy to access. The crew will remove it when they deliver your replacement.

Extra or different size black rubbish bin

Most households can only have 1 black rubbish bin. Only households of 5 or more people are eligible to request a bigger or additional black bin.

Request a larger, smaller or additional black rubbish bin

Garden waste bins

You'll need to manage your garden waste subscription to change the number of bins that you're paying for.

Manage your garden waste subscription


If you get a sack collection from your home, call 020 8547 5002 to order new sacks.

Compostable bags

We do not provide free compostable bags to use in your food waste bin. You can buy compostable bags from supermarkets or from any of our libraries.

Communal bins

If you live in a block of purpose-built flats with communal bins, you cannot order replacement bins online.

You’ll need to contact your landlord, managing agent, housing officer or residents’ association.

Builders, developers and landlords

We do not provide communal bins for blocks of flats or other developments of 10 or more units.

Contact our waste partner Veolia for a quote for new and replacement bins by emailing You can also look for another private supplier.

Find requirements for bin types, sizes and dimensions in our Recycling and Waste Technical Planning Guidance document.

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