Request new or replacement bins and boxes

Replace a missing or damaged bin or box

Use this service to request a replacement for a missing or damaged bin, including your:

  • green recycling boxes or bins
  • blue lid paper and cardboard bins
  • black rubbish bins
  • indoor and outdoor food waste bins
  • garden waste bins if you’re subscribed to the service

Administrative fee for waste and recycling containers

On 29 February 2024, the Budget Council approved the introduction of an administrative fee of £18, which will apply to all requests for new and replacement domestic waste and recycling containers, excluding food waste caddies. The fee will be introduced on 8 May 2024.

The council has continued to provide waste and recycling containers free for as long as possible, but this is no longer sustainable given the economic pressures that the council is facing. Charging an administrative fee for containers will alleviate some of the financial burden on the council and encourage residents to maximise the lifespan of the containers.  

You can find more information about the fee and frequently asked questions.

Collect your old or damaged bin

You can also request a collection of your old or damaged bin when you order a replacement.

 Make sure you leave your bin available at the front of the property for the crew to collect. We aim for this to be the same day as we deliver your new bin, but it could be a different day within 20 working days.

What you cannot request using this service

You cannot use this service to:

  • change the number of bins in your garden waste subscription
  • request new sacks for your sack collection - call 020 8547 5002 to order new sacks
  • order new communal bins if you live in a block of purpose-built flats - you’ll need to contact your landlord, managing agent, housing officer or residents’ association

Request bins

Request new or replacement bins                          Request a larger or smaller bin

Track your request

You can now track your bin request and get a specific date for delivery and collection. We’ll send you more information in your confirmation email, or you can enter your postcode to track your request.

How long it will take

We aim to deliver bins within 10 working days of your request. However, due to the current high demand, bins may take around 20 working days to be delivered. We will update this page as soon as it changes. 

You do not need to be at home for the delivery or removal of bins. The delivery staff will not make contact during the process.

Compostable bags

We do not provide free compostable bags to use in your food waste bin. You can buy compostable bags from supermarkets or from any of our libraries.

Communal bins

If you live in a block of flats with communal bins, you cannot order replacement bins online.

You’ll need to contact your landlord, managing agent, housing officer or residents’ association.

Builders, developers and landlords

Property managers are responsible for providing any new or replacement communal recycling and waste bins.

You will need to make note of your current bin type and available space before obtaining a quote from the supplier. Further information on requirements for bin types, sizes and dimensions can be found in Kingston’s Recycling and Waste Technical Planning Guidance document.

Kingston’s current waste collections partner, Veolia, can provide new and replacement containers - You can also look for another private supplier. 

If you are in the process of building a new major development of 10 or more units and, having read Kingston’s Recycling and Waste Technical Planning Guidance document, you still have queries with regard to your required bin provision, contact our customer contact centre.

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