Recycling & Waste Technical Planning Guidance

RB Kingston and LB Sutton have been working together to produce a new recycling and waste planning document, which provides guidance on the waste storage and collection requirements that should be considered for residential developments in Sutton and Kingston.

This guidance contains minimum standards that planners, developers, architects and property managers should be aware of to assist in designing and developing systems for the storage and collection of refuse and recycling primarily from residential, although some information on commercial properties is also provided. The document reflects what both Councils view as best practices and how they seek to achieve workable, long-lasting solutions.

The latest version takes into account both comments and feedback from colleagues in Planning and Highways, and recent changes to Kingston's waste and recycling policies, in particular the introduction of charging for domestic containers, and that the Council will endeavour to provide residents living in flats/ properties of five units and above with the same recycling and waste collection service provision as those living in individual dwellings and therefore developers should provide the necessary different types of bins to accommodate these requirements.  

Recycling & Waste Technical Planning Guidance full PDF

Last Modified: 15/06/2022 14:18:35