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  • You have 21 days to comment on a planning application. You can check the closing date for comments on the full application within our online planning register
  • If we can, we will take into account any comments we receive after the closing date. But we cannot guarantee that the application will not have already been decided
  • Unfortunately, we cannot reply to individual issues or questions raised in your comments as we receive such a high number.

If you cannot comment online you can write to us. Please address your letter to the Development Management Team and include your name and address.

Development Management

Kingston Borough Council

Guildhall 2

Kingston upon Thames


Please be advised of the following

Due to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and Data Protection comments on planning applications form part of the background documents for planning applications, including the name of the person making the comment and their address.

All comments submitted on planning applications will be available for public viewing if requested. You may, therefore, wish to take the following steps to protect your personal information

  • Do not include signatures on letters
  • Do not include any telephone numbers on letters, or complete the field on the comments form

If you do not include your name and address, your comment will be regarded as anonymous. Anonymous comments can not be taken into account as a material consideration when assessing an application.

Will my comment make a difference?

Your comment will make a difference. We take into account all comments from local residents and businesses as long as they refer to material planning considerations.

But when we receive objections to a planning application, it does not mean that the application will automatically be refused.

Our decision will be made by assessing the planning issues and considering them against the relevant policies in the Development Plan. The Developement Plan includes our Core Strategy, the South London Waste Plan the Mayor of London’s Plan and accompanying adopted guidance. We also take into account national legislation and guidance.

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