Comment on or view a planning application

How to comment on a planning application

  • Our planning officers assess all planning applications on their own merits and against our guidelines and policies. They also take other Government and London-wide policies into account when making a decision.
  • Their role is to form a fair and impartial judgement on the Council’s behalf.
  • If you want to make a comment supporting or objecting to an application, it must be about the planning merits of the application. We can only take into account issues which are material planning considerations.
  • If you have a specialist knowledge or a professional qualification that you consider relevant to the representation you are making, it would be of great assistance if you could indicate your knowledge area / professional qualification in your representation and also whether you would be willing to support the Council at any future Planning Appeal if necessary. 
  • Your comments must be in writing and include your name and address. The easiest way to comment on a planning application is online. 
  • To view how the Council process your personal information when commenting on a planning application please view our planning privacy notice

To make your comment online:

  • Search for the application within our planning register
  • Open the planning application you wish to comment on
  • Under 'Comments' check to see if comments are still being accepted
  • If the closing date for comments has not passed you will be able to 'Make a Comment'
  • Your name and address will be included with your comment
  • Your comment is not anonymous - it will be on the planning application file which is available to the public and copies can be taken

Material considerations are:

  • highway safety
  • flood risk
  • appearance and design
  • noise, dust, fumes, etc
  • loss of light/sunlight
  • scale and dominance
  • archaeology
  • sustainability
  • nature conservation
  • privacy
  • impact on natural environment – trees etc
  • parking provision

Issues which are not material considerations are:

  • business competition
  • too many already
  • loss of views
  • damage to property
  • where other controls exist
  • devaluation of property,
  • rights of way
  • covenants
  • other private rights
  • disturbance during development
  • maintenance of property

Last Modified: 19/07/2021 14:57:09