Comment on or view a planning application

Comment on a planning application

You can comment on a planning application during its consultation period. This is also called making a representation.

The consultation period for a planning application lasts 21 days. You can check an application’s closing date for comments by finding it on the Planning Register.

All comments should be in writing and include your name and address. We cannot take anonymous comments into account during our assessment of a planning application.

Comment on an application online

The easiest way to comment on an application is online using the Planning Register.

Comment using the Planning Register

How to find and comment on an application online

  1. Use the 'simple' or 'advanced' search function to find an application.
  2. Enter the postcode, road, application reference number or first line of the address in the search field.
  3. Select the application you want to comment on or object to.
  4. Once selected, check the details of the application and click the 'Make a comment' button in the top right.
  5. Select 'Member of public'.
  6. Select either 'Object', 'Support' or 'Neutral'.
  7. Select your reason for commenting.
  8. Add your written comments.
  9. Submit your comment or objection.

What you can comment on

Your comment supporting or objecting to an application must be about the planning merits of the application. We can only consider issues known as material considerations.

Material considerations

We can accept comments about:

  • highway safety
  • flood risk
  • appearance and design
  • noise, dust, fumes and similar
  • loss of light/sunlight
  • scale and dominance
  • archaeology
  • sustainability
  • nature conservation
  • privacy
  • impact on natural environment (like trees or wildlife)
  • parking provision

Not material considerations

We can’t accept comments about:

  • business competition
  • you think there’s too many of something already
  • loss of views
  • damage to property
  • things controlled under Building Regulations or other non-planning laws (like drainage, structural stability, and similar)
  • devaluation of property
  • rights of way
  • covenants
  • other private rights
  • disturbance during development
  • maintenance of property

Let us know in your comment if you have relevant specialist knowledge or a professional qualification. You should also tell us whether you would be willing to support the Council at any future Planning Appeal if necessary.

If you can’t comment online

If you can’t comment online you can write to us. We can’t accept comments verbally or through email.

Include your name, address, and comment, and post your letter to:

Development Management Team
Kingston Council
Guildhall 2
Kingston upon Thames

How we assess comments

We take all comments from local residents and businesses into account as long as they refer to material planning considerations. However, when we receive objections to a planning application, it does not mean that the application will automatically be refused.

Our planning officers assess all planning applications on their own merits and against our guidelines and policies. They also take other Government and London-wide policies into account when making a decision. Their role is to form a fair and impartial judgement on the Council’s behalf.

Due to the volume of comments we receive, we are unable to reply to each individual comment submitted. A summary of all comments will be given in the officer’s report.

After the closing date

We have no obligation to consider comments that are received after the formal consultation period has closed. However, officers will normally seek to consider any comments received prior to determining the application. 

Unacceptable comments

We cannot accept anonymous comments, or comments that contain offensive, defamatory or discriminatory language.

Comments containing either of those will not be considered when we decide the application and may also be removed from the application case file.

Your comments may still be viewable on our website before removal. It is therefore your sole responsibility to ensure you do not include any offensive, defamatory or discriminatory language in your comments as you could be held legally responsible for this in the future.


Comments on planning applications are not confidential and may be viewed by anyone as part of the online application. Your name and address may also be available to view alongside your comment as part of the application.

We do not publish personal email addresses or phone numbers.

To protect your personal information:

  • do not include signatures on letters
  • do not complete the telephone field on the online comment form, or include them on letters

View our Planning Privacy Notice to find out how we process your personal information when commenting on a planning application.

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