Comment on or view a planning application

Comment on a planning application

Our planning officers look at all planning applications on their own merits and against our rigorous guidelines and policies. They also take other Government and London-wide policies into account when making a decision. Their role is to form a fair and impartial judgement on the Council’s behalf.

If you want to make a comment supporting or objecting to an application, it must be about the planning merits of the application. We can only take into account issues which are material planning considerations.

So you can’t say ‘this application should be refused as it will reduce the value of my property’. You could say ‘this application should be refused as the height of the building means that the amount of daylight our houses receive will be severely reduced’.

Comment on a planning application 

Material considerations are:

  • highway safety
  • flood risk
  • appearance and design
  • noise, dust, fumes, etc
  • loss of light/sunlight
  • scale and dominance
  • archaeology
  • sustainability
  • nature conservation
  • privacy
  • impact on natural environment – trees etc
  • parking provision

Issues which are not material considerations are:

  • business competition
  • too many already
  • loss of views
  • damage to property
  • where other controls exist
  • devaluation of property,
  • rights of way
  • covenants
  • other private rights
  • disturbance during development
  • maintenance of property

Your comments must also be in writing and include your name and address. The easiest way to comment on a planning application is online. To view how the Council process your personal information when commenting on a planning application please view our planning privacy notice.

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