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Comment on or view a planning application

View a planning application or appeal

You can use our Planning Register to view:

  • current applications, decisions and appeals (by reference number, type, street or date)
  • determined applications from 2000 onwards
  • some details of developments on properties back to 1948

View applications on the Planning Register

How to search the Planning Register

When you search, you’ll see all results that fit your criteria. You can sort the results to help you find what you’re looking for.

Keyword, application reference, postcode or single line of an address

You can make a simple search using this information.

  1. Choose ‘Applications’.
  2. In the 'Status' drop down, choose:
    1. ‘Current’ for applications currently in consultation, or
    2. ‘Decided’ for past applications that have already been decided, or
    3. ‘All’ to search both types.
  3. Enter the information you have for the property.
  4. Click Search.
  5. Select the specific case or application from the results list.

Property or street search

You can search for a property or street and see:

  • all current and historical applications
  • information about the address including ward and parish
  • Planning constraints on the location
  • the location on the Ordnance Survey map

Advanced search

You can use advanced search to search by other criteria such as:

  • ward, parish or conservation area
  • status or decision
  • type of application or development
  • applicant or agent name

Applications in a specific week or month

You can search Planning Applications validated or decided in a specific week or month.

  1. Choose ‘Weekly List’ or ‘Monthly List’.
  2. Select the Parish from the drop down list (or leave it as All).
  3. Select the Ward from the drop down list (or leave it as All).
  4. Select the Week beginning or Month from the drop down list.
  5. Then select either ‘validated’ or ‘decided’.
  6. Click Search.

Alternative ways to view planning applications

Historic planning applications

Our Planning Register contains digitised data for applications back to 1948. However, supporting documents are removed from the website after an application has been determined. Email to request to view historic supporting documents.

We also hold some documents from before 2000 on microfiche. You can make an appointment to view these at the History Centre in Guildhall by emailing, or you may be able to request a copy of a building regulation document for a fee.

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