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About Kingston Music Service

Find out about the music services on offer to young people and adults in the borough, including information about our music centres. Read more about About Kingston Music Service »

Music lessons

Find out about music lessons available, including school and music centre lessons, adult lessons, lessons bursaries and help with instrument hire and purchase. Read more about Music lessons »

Music groups

Find out about the various orchestras, bands, choirs and chamber groups that you can join as a young person living or attending school in the borough Read more about Music groups »

Music theory classes

Find out about the music theory classes available, including locations, prices and how to apply. Read more about Music theory classes »

Terms and conditions

Find out about the terms and conditions with which you must comply for you or your child to receive music lessons, or join music groups or courses. Read more about Terms and conditions »

Pay Kingston Music Service

Find out how to pay for music services, including first time payments and paying online once you are registered with us. Read more about Pay Kingston Music Service »