Homes for Ukraine: Future accommodation options

Option 6: Housing Advice from the Council

Information for guests

If you’re homeless or about to lose your home, you can complete the housing advice form to request assistance and advice to find housing. When completing  the housing advice form, make sure you provide a letter of notice from your host to ensure applications are assessed appropriately.

If you are homeless and eligible based on your immigration status and have a priority need, then it may be that interim accommodation is secured for you. However this is likely to be a room in a shared house or a hotel and may be outside of Kingston. 

Unfortunately, the supply of social housing, Council and Housing Association homes, and the existing demand from applicants already provided temporary accommodation does not allow us to suggest you would receive an offer of temporary accommodation in Kingston or a future offer of social housing for a significant period of time.

Choosing where to live

The Council is unable to provide ‘choice’ in consideration of the offer of accommodation made to homeless applicants. The Council does not have a supply of vacant homes to offer homeless households.

Where a requirement to provide interim or temporary accommodation is confirmed the Council will source accommodation from the private sector. In exercising its duties to provide accommodation the Council will offer suitable accommodation.

However, a placement may initially be within Hotel or similar accommodation and subsequent accommodation offered can be located outside of the borough.

Consideration will be given to the household's needs in the offer of accommodation but offers of accommodation are made outside of the borough where the Council is unable to procure accommodation locally.

At present the supply of accommodation available to the Council within Kingston is limited. This means that placement is likely to be made outside of the borough and potentially some distance from Kingston.

A refusal of a reasonable offer of accommodation will result in the Council discharging its duty to provide further interim accommodation.

When a hosting arrangement ends, either the guest or host will need to fill out this Departure Form to inform the council of the date that the guest moved out. This then prompts the council to update their records and stop Thank You payments, preventing an invoice being issued.

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