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Request an assessment

Before we can offer you care and support services we will need to find out more about your circumstances by carrying out a needs assessment with you.

This gives us an opportunity to look at your needs and work with you to put in place the best care and support.

Request an assessment

Alternatively you can contact us by phone on 0208 547 5005 to request an assessment.

What to expect

Before a visit

  • In preparing for your assessment, this form will help you think about your situations and needs, and pull together the information you'll need to discuss when you meet the assessor, so they understand the type of support you require. The form will help you to think about your needs and what is important in your life. 
  • Don’t worry if you can’t complete it before your appointment, this will be completed once you’ve met with the assessor. 

The Visit

  • A social worker/social care assessor will come to visit you and your carer or family member. 
  • The assessor will go through all of your requirements, and each aspect of your life with you to make sure that we have all the information we need to help you. You can also be helped by your carer, a family member, friend or an advocate with responding to the assessor, by having them join you for the visit.

With your permission, we may need to share information about you with other agencies or health professionals that become involved with your care.

During the assessment

During the assessment, we will discuss the help and support available to you based on your needs.  

  • If you're eligible under the Care Act factsheets we'll help to arrange your social care services.  
  • If your needs are less severe or you're not eligible - we will advise you about how to access support, other services, and organisations that can help you live a more independent life. 
  • If you're in hospital - a social worker will discuss the help you and your carer will need once you’re discharged from hospital.  

After the assessment  

Following your assessment a support plan will be agreed with you and detail the support  you need including: 

  • What help you will get and who will provide it
  • When the help will start, how often you'll receive it, and when this will be reviewed
  • Contact details of the team who will be supporting you
  • Details of care needs which cannot be met and why
  • What to do if you are unhappy with the service.

Will I be charged for the services I receive?

  • You may be charged for some services, but  this will depend on the calculations made from the financial assessment, which will show if you need to contribute to your care and how much. Try our Online Financial Assessment Calculator
  • We will also make sure you’re receiving all the benefits for which you’re eligible. 

Advocacy - If you would like some support with your assessment and care planning you can use an advocate - someone who offers independent support. For information on advocacy in Kingston contact Cambridge House Advocacy

Challenging decisions on social care 

Things don’t always run smoothly in the social care system and something might happen that you're not happy about or  you don't think is right. This might include;

  • Assessments not accurately reflecting the needs of the person
  • Care and support plans that don’t meet all eligible needs 
  • Personal budgets that are not enough to cover required costs of the support 
  • Charges that are too much to afford.

This can be stressful and worrying, however there are ways you can respond and challenge these issues. 

How to challenge a decision 

If you disagree with a decision, or your expectations have not been met and you want to challenge what has been presented to you by the council, there are a number of options you can take:  

  • Contact us -Firstly, this is the quickest and easiest way to resolve any issues you may have. We would like to try to resolve any disagreement by working  together with you to find an acceptable solution. Call the social care team to discuss your options on: 0208 547 5005.
  • If you have been unable to reach a satisfactory outcome, and want to make a complaint this can be made by submitting it through our Customer Care team by completing this online form.

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Adult Social Care

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