Inclusive Kingston: Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Kingston Council is pivotal in reducing inequality in our borough, and we are committed to establishing Kingston as an area with equality of opportunity, an area of fairness, and an area that is inclusive.

Our Equality Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, Inclusive Kingston 2021-2025 (referred to as the strategy), sets out our increase in ambition. The strategy is a part of our larger effort to bring a Greener, Fairer and Safer borough to our residents. Together with our partners, we are ensuring that Kingston communities are well-equipped to face challenges and support each other to thrive and prosper. Broken into four priority objectives for action, the strategy outlines how we plan to actively search for and support people who are disadvantaged and work to break down the barriers to opportunity for all.

Read through these pages to learn more about our work in the area of equalities, or download our full strategy and action plan here.


Last Modified: 23/01/2024 15:24:30