Kingston Council announces it will no longer be introducing charges for replacement household waste containers

The proposed introduction of a £15 administrative fee for new and replacement standard waste and recycling containers has been withdrawn.

The charges were due to be introduced as part of the council’s cost saving measures to deliver a balanced budget for 2021/22, which focuses on supporting the borough’s residents and businesses to recover from the pandemic, and invest in the future.

Each year, the council provides around 18,000 new or replacement waste and recycling containers at a cost to council tax payers of £400,000. The proposed £15 charge would have helped to offset part of the cost of administration and delivery of the waste containers.

However, following feedback from local residents regarding a possible issue with the quality of some household recycling containers, the council has reconsidered the introduction of the charge. The matter continues to be investigated with the supplier to ensure containers are of an appropriate quality.

Local people can continue to request a new or replacement standard waste container online free of charge. Residents that subscribe for the Garden Waste service will continue to be charged the existing £15 fee for replacement garden waste containers.

Kingston continues to face growing economic pressures and is committed to delivering cost saving measures in the fairest possible way to ensure more council tax is spent on delivering essential services for our communities.

The council remains focused on reducing the amount of waste produced in the borough, as well as increasing recycling opportunities for residents and businesses. With plans to introduce street recycling litter bins across the borough to help encourage recycling on the go.

It has also recently awarded a new contract for the disposal of food and green waste at a reduced cost to current arrangements. In addition, the new booking system at the Household Reuse and Recycling Centre has streamlined visits for residents, minimised wait times and created dedicated time slots for pedestrians and cyclists.

Published: 20th July 2021