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Camera locations

Kingston Council has a number of camera and camera schemes in operation across the borough, to view details of the cameras operated by Kingston and its partners. 

1. Jn High St. Kingston Hall Road

2. Jn Market Place Eden St.

3. Apple Market

4. Thames St

5. Church St

6. Clarence St.

7. Union St.

8. 20 Eden St.

9. College Roundabout

10.Jn Ashdown Rd/ Eden St.

11.Clarence Street

12.54 Fife Road

13.Bentall Centre, Jn Dolphin St.

14.Wood St. (Jn. Skeme Rd.)

15.Wood Street jn Vicarage Road

16.Clarence St / jn. Eden St

17.Thames Side (Down Hall Rd.)

18.Thameside (Vicarage Rd.)

19.Quayside Walk – Gazebo

20.Cromwell Road

21.Clarence Road. (Options)

22.Fairfield North jn Wheatfield Way

23.Fairfield North jn Wheatfield Way

24.Cromwell Rd / Queen Elizabeth Road.

25.Richmond Road

26.Wheatfield Way / Brook Street

27.Kingston Bridge

28.Surbiton Stn, Glenbuck Rd.

29.Victoria Road jn St James Road

30.Victoria Road. DST House

31.Victoria Road. Surbiton: B&B BS

32.Chessington North: Marston Ave

33.Chessington North: Moor Lane

34.Worcester Park Station

35.Norbiton Stn.

36.New Malden High St. Stn (The Cut)

37.New Malden High St. Stn Grafton Rd.

38.New Malden High St. Kings Ave

39.New Malden High St. Blagdon Road

40.New Malden High St. Kingston Rd.

41.Hook Parade, jn. Clayton Rd.

2.Hook Parade, jn Elm Rd.

43.Guildhall 2 / Police Station alleyway

44.London Road jn Cambridge Road.

45.Penrhyn Road jn Surbiton Road

46.Guildhall Complex – PTZ

47.Charter Quay, Emms Passage

48.Charter Quay, Entrance

49.Charter Quay, Piazza Area

50.Clarence Street jn Thames St

51.Cambridge Gardens by The Lodge

52.Cambridge Gardens R/O Queen Mary Hall

53.Cambridge Gardens opp Cam. Grove Road.

54.Cambridge Gardens. Dome

55.Cambridge Gardens Garage Block

56.Kingston Bridge dome 1

57.Kingston Bridge dome 2

58.Malden Manor (Shops)

59.Malden Manor (Shops)

60.Washington Road

61.Cambridge Road. Opposite Brinkley Court

62.Adj Bull and Bush, Washington Road.

63.Washington Road. Jn Somerset Road.

64.Madingley, St Peters Road

65.Eureka Road.

66.Willingham Way

67.Burrett Road. Adj Croxton Court

68.Playground R/O Impington / Shelford,

69.Burrett Road.adj Duxford

70.Hamden Rd. Adj. Childerley

71.Bonner Hill Road.

72.Vincent Road. Adj Foxton

73.Brighton Road jn Balaclava Road

74.Brighton Road jn Victoria Road

75.Ashdown Road Car Park – Eden St end

76.Ashdown Road Car Park – Wheatfield Way

77.Chessington South Station

78.Leatherhead Road

79.Sainsbury’s – Sury Basin

80.Sainsbury’s – Sury Basin

81.Sainsbury’s – Sury Basin

82.Sainsbury’s – Sury Basin

83.Hobi Walk outside No. 12

84.Smith Street Haslemere Block

85.Paragon Grove adj to No 2

86.Hobil Walk S/0 Cranleigh Block

87.Hobil Walk Charles Sumner Block

88.The Retreat O/S Surbiton Hill Nursery School

89.Alpha Road opposite Britannia Road

90.Howard Road s/0 57

91.Howard Road O/S Fidlers Green

92.Howard Road O/S Alpha Wharf Yard

93.King Charles Road, Berrylands

94.Richmond Road. Jn Acre Rd.

95.Richmond Road. jn Cromwell Road.

96.Eden St.

97.London Rd. Jn Coombe Road.

98.Cambridge Road.

99.Penrhyn Road.

100. Wood St. Kingston Station

101. Clarence St. M&S

102. Old London Road

103. Tolworth Station (Tol 1)

104. Tolworth, Barnsbury Lane (Tol 2)

105. Tolworth, A3 Roundabout

106. Tolworth, Broadway, Taverna

107. Tolworth, jn Oakleigh Way (Iceland)

108. Tolworth, Broadway jn Ewell Road.

109. Tolworth, Ewell Road. Twyford Parades

110. Tolworth, Ewell Road. Raeburn Ave.

111. Cattlemarket Car Park

112. Boaters – Canbury Gardens

113. Tennis Courts – Canbury Gardens

114. Bandstand – Canbury Gardens

115. North Kingston 1 (Skerne Road. Jn Kings Road)

116. North Kingston 2 (Skerne Road Sury Basin)

117. North Kingston 3 (Kingsgate Ave / Sopwith)

118. Ewell Road Bus Lanes (Elgar Avenue)

119. Ewell Road Bus Lanes (Red Lion Road)

120. Ewell Road jn Kingsdowne Road

121. Ewell Road Bus Lanes (Hospital)

122. Ewell Road Bus Lanes (Surbiton Library)

123. Kent Road – The Rose Car Park

124. Drapers Court

125. The Bittoms Multistorey car park

126. Portsmouth Road

127. Grove Road jn Portsmouth Road

128. Portsmouth Road jn Brighton Road

129. London Road / Clifton Road roundabout

130. Kingston Hill jn Queens Road

131. Tolworth, A3 Roundabout

132. Camera along A3 - TFL

133. Camera along A3 - TFL

34. Camera along A3 - TFL

135. Roehampton Vale jn Stag Lane - TFL

136. Camera along A3 - TFL

137. Camera along A3 - TFL

138. Camera along A3 - TFL

139. Camera along A3 - TFL

140. Blagdon Road Car Park

141. Blagdon Road Park Cam 1

142. Blagdon Road Park Cam 2

143. Cattlemarket Car Park

144. Portsmouth Road

145. Crescent Road

146. Queens Road jn Liverpool Road

147. Traps Lane

148. Warren Road

149. Warren Road/Warren Drive

150. Neville Avenue

151. Burghley Avenue

152. Kingston Hill /Warren Road

153. Kingston Hill / George Road

154. Clarence St 

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