Kingston Mobile Mop Up project

The council is teaming up with international recovery, recycling and reuse experts Genuine Solutions (GSUK) for the Mobile Mop Up project. From Monday February 24 to Sunday March 8, RBK are inviting people to hand over old, unwanted mobile phone handsets to be recycled. Profits from the drive will go towards the Mayor’s Charitable Trust. 

Who is involved?

Kingston Council are working together with local e-waste recycling company GSUK on the project. You can find out more about GSUK here.

What will happen to my old phone?

Phones will be cleaned and recycled in an environmentally-friendly way to be used again as a new handset, or stripped for parts depending on the condition. All phones will be wiped free of any data at the start of the process.

How can I get involved?

You can hand in your old or unused handset at your most convenient collection point throughout the borough.

You can also interact with the Mayor online via Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtag #KingstonMobileMopUp, as well as the council’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Can I return any mobile phone?

Yes, you can return any unused mobile phones - there are no limits on the age or model.

Do I need to return the charger?

No, just the handset is fine.

Do I need to take out the SIM card?

Yes, make sure you take out the SIM card before you hand over your old phone as we are unable to return them.

Where can I drop off my phone?

The following sites will have collection boxes where you can drop off your phone:

  • Kingston Council - Main Guildhall
  • Kingston Council - Guildhall 1
  • Kingston Council - Guildhall 2
  • John Lewis and Waitrose Kingston (foyer)
  • Kingston Library
  • Hook and Chessington Library
  • New Malden Library
  • Tudor Drive Library
  • Old Malden Library
  • Surbiton Library
  • Tolworth Community Library
  • Malden Centre
  • Weir Archer Athletic and Fitness Centre
  • Tolworth Centre
  • Sunray Recycling Centre, Surbiton
  • Oxygen, New Malden High Street

*Please note the above list will be updated on a daily basis.

What if I can’t donate my phone during the drive?

We will be taking steps in order to be able to collect late donations. You can get more information on this by emailing [email protected]