The Mayor's Charitable Trust

Reflecting his hopes and aspirations for the borough, Mayor Yoganathan has chosen local organisations to fundraise for in 2022/23 -  Creative Youth & The Community Brain CIC.

Creative Youth

Creative Youth is a not for profit, registered charity that aims to enable young people to realise their potential through the Arts. The charity allows young people in Kingston, and surrounding areas, to be involved in innovative, original, ambitious projects working with artists of the highest quality. Artists and participants are encouraged to take initiatives, risks and push boundaries within their own work. In close collaboration with key partners, Creative Youth aspires to mentor young individuals, entrepreneurs and organisations by providing artistic business and
strategic support, allowing the next generation of artists to flourish. 

Creative Youth celebrates young people and their creativity through the annual FUSE International (formerly the International Youth Arts Festival). During 2022 the charity will be opening a new creative space in the centre of Kingston to allow even more young people to have opportunities. 

As well as targeting some of the most vulnerable young people in the community, Creative Youth also reach out to large and diverse audiences as demonstrated by our commitment to using public spaces, street art and digital technology, enabling us
to reach new, untapped audiences.

Creative Youth Website 
Address: Millennium House, Eden Street, Kingston KT1 1BL

Community Brain

The Community Brain was established as a Community Interest Company (not for profit) in May 2010 and since then has worked with communities in Kingston to develop togetherness, using the widest range of the arts, education and local history. It is about giving place and people renewed importance and pride through a series of spaces, events and projects. These include the Museum of Futures in Surbiton and Baking Ideas and The Farm of Futures in Tolworth. Recently The Community Brain has been working in Tolworth through the SHEDx project which has included planting out Tolworth Broadway, improvements to Tolworth Station and new murals and artwork at Tolworth Roundabout.

Following on from the Ziggy Returns event, celebrating David Bowie, more activities in Hook, Chessington, Tolworth, Surbiton and Kingston are planned. These will run alongside the regular Surbiton Food Festival, Ski Sunday, King’s Soup and Seething Festival. 

The Community Brain continues to work with communities on ideas to engage and inspire and give renewed value to where they live, work and study

Community Brain Website

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