Street trading licences

Buskers and street musicians

The pedestrianised areas of Kingston town centre have become a desirable venue for street entertainers of all types.

Busking includes circus, dance, magic and street theatre shows as well as music and living statues.

You do not need to obtain a licence or permit to busk in Kingston. However, you must adhere to the guidelines below:

  • Do not stay in the same place for too long - you should aim to move on to an entirely different location at least every 60 minutes.
  • Excessive use of amplifiers is actively discouraged - if you use an amplifier, you must control the volume so that it can only be heard by passers-by and not in adjacent shops or office.
  • Make sure that you do not cause an obstruction in the street - keep clear of doorways, street furniture, telephone boxes and leave space for wheelchairs or pushchairs to pass.
  • No selling - the selling of CDs and tapes is forbidden, as this constitutes illegal street trading.

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