House in multiple occupation (HMO)

Apply for, vary or renew your HMO licence

The licence holder must be able to produce for each HMO:

  • A valid current gas safety certificate
  • Proof the electrical installation, electrical appliances and furniture are safe
  • Proof all smoke alarms are correctly positioned and in working order
  • For each occupier, a written statement of terms on which they occupy the property.
  • A current floor plan of the property
  • Accurate measurements for all rooms in the property.
  • A current copy of your fire risk assessment.

The licence will specify the maximum number of occupants who may live in the HMO, there may also be other conditions relating to the condition of the property, or provision of amenities.

The Council can refuse to licence the HMO if the property does not meet the conditions above, or the licence applicant is not a fit and proper person to hold the licence.

If a licence is refused the council could issue an Interim Management Order which allows it to manage the property for up to a year. There is a right of appeal against the decision not to issue a licence, or against any conditions included in the licence.

Apply for an HMO licence

You can apply online for an HMO licence or download an application form and return to us.

All licences, whether under the mandatory or additional licensing scheme can be issued for up to five years.

A new additional licensing scheme was agreed by committee members and started on 1st March 2018 and runs for a 5 year period.

You'll need to pay a fee when applying (they cover the costs of operating the scheme). Our fees increased from 4 April 2016.

The fee depends on the number of storeys in the property and is payable per room available for letting: 

  • 1-2 storey properties - £200 (per room)
  • 3 or more storey properties - £250 (per room)

You can get discounts if:

  • you are an accredited landlord - a current member of an approved accreditation scheme, for example UK Landlord Accreditation Partnership (UKLAP) - for a £100 discount. Valid membership details must be provided and verified to received this discount.  This is for new applications only and not renewals.
  • 50 per cent reduction on the licence fee for registered charities. 

We also charge the following penalty fees:

  • £300 penalty fee where no application has been made and the property is then subsequently discovered by the Council.  The Council may also decide to prosecute the landlord for committing an offence under Section 72 of the Housing Act 2004.

  • £300 penalty fee may be incurred to cover the extra resources required where a complete licence application is not provided within 28 days of initial submission.

Download a HMO licence application form.

Change (vary) your HMO licence

If you need to change or vary your HMO licence you can apply online or download an application form and return to us.  

There is no fee for a variation to your licence but if you are applying to use additional rooms, you will have to pay the relevant fee as listed above per room.  Please be aware that we may need to inspect your property prior to issuing a variation to your licence.

Please note, we cannot transfer a licence to a new licence holder.  You would need to apply to revoke your current licence and the new applicant would be required to submit a new application complete with full fee. We do not refund licensing fees.

Reasons to change your licence could be:

  • change your address / name (e.g. due to marriage / divorce)
  • change the name of your manager
  • increase or decrease the number of occupiers

Download an application form to vary your HMO licence.

Renew your HMO licence 

Prior to the expiry of your licence you must submit a new application with the supporting documents and fee. You can apply online or download an application form and return to us. To enable us to process your application, we would recommend submitting your application a minimum of 60 days before your current licence expires.

Any applications received after the expiry date of the previous licence, will be required to pay the "new" application fee and may incur the £300 penalty fee.

The fee depends on the type of property and is payable per room available for letting:

  • 1-2 storey properties - £160 per room 
  • 3 or more storey properties - £210 per room 

You can get a discount of 50 per cent if you are a registered charity. No other discounts apply.

Download a HMO licence application form.

Revoking your HMO licence

If you sell your property, reduce the number of occupiers below licensing requirements or it becomes a single family household, you can apply to revoke your licence.  Please be aware that if in the future, your property requires a licence, you would be required to submit a new application and fee.

Download an application form to revoke your HMO licence.

Applying for a Temporary Exemption from Licensing (TEN)

You can apply for a temporary exemption from HMO licensing if you decide to reduce the number of occupiers below the licensing requirements.  This will enable you up to six months to reduce the number of tenants and you must be able to demonstrate this to the Council.

Download a Temporary Exemption application form.

Alternatively, you can apply online at the Government's website:

Please contact the Residential Enforcement Team for more information.

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