Kingston High Street

About the Kingston High Street scheme

Go Cycle






Kingston High Street is being looked at under the Go Cycle programme to see how we can connect new cycling infrastructure on Portsmouth Road into the town centre.

The proposal is to extend the Portsmouth Road two-way cycle lane northwards along High Street to the north side of the Kingston Hall Road/High Street roundabout.

The scheme will provide a safe, comfortable and convenient connection on the Go Cycle route between Portsmouth Road and the town centre. 

The proposals for the Kingston High Street project include:

  • provision of a two-way segregated cycle track on the west side of High Street between South Lane and Kingston Hall Road (i.e. a continuation of the Portsmouth road layout);
  • removal of the northbound right turn pocket into East Lane;
  • provision of two additional loading bays on High Street;
  • new signage and markings indicating no waiting or loading restrictions at any time outside loading bays;
  • existing zebra crossing on south side of Kingston Hall Road to be raised to footway level and converted to use by cyclists as well as pedestrians;
  • provision of additional footway on the east side of Portsmouth Road to the north of South Lane;
  • minor kerb realignment at the existing mini-roundabout.

In addition to these plans, following ongoing consultation with businesses along the route, two new loading bays will be introduced to offset the removal of loading that can currently occur on the double yellow lines. The taxi bays to the north of Kingston Hall Road, near the Rose Theatre will remain unaltered.


  • public consultation - June/July 2017
  • unanimous approval by the council's Resident's Committee - November 2017
  • construction - started May 2018
  • cycle lane - opened July 2018

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