Follow the CIL process

Stage 7: Let us know about things affecting relief or an exemption

If the development was granted relief or an exemption from CIL you have to let us know about anything that could affect it. Something that would affect your right to receive relief or the exemption is called a disqualifying event.

Each type of relief or exemption depends on different things so a disqualifying event is different for each type of relief or exemption. You can read more about relief, exemptions and disqualifying events on our page Apply for relief or an exemption and on GOV.UKs Planning Practice Guidance.

Tell us about a disqualifying event

You must let us know in writing (so by letter or email) about the disqualifying event. You must do this at least 14 days before the disqualifying event will take place. If you don't then you could face extra charges (surcharge). We'll give you 28 days before we take any action.

We'll issue a new Liability Notice and Demand Notice for the new CIL payment.