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Local Land Charges search

What is a Local Land Charges search?

Service Update August 2021

The Local Land Charges service is currently operating with reduced resources.  

  • From Friday 3rd September the current personal search email arrangements put in place to deal with personal searches during the pandemic will cease
  • Official Search requests should be sent to us in the normal way either by NLIS or by email (with BACS payment).  We aim to complete requests for official searches within 20 working days of the request being received.
  • We are currently only able to respond to enquiries by email sent to:
  • We are currently not able to deal with any enquiries by phone..

Bookings from 7th September

  • From Tuesday 7th September the Local Land Charges Register will be available for personal inspection on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • There are six 1 hour slots available on those days as follows:
    • 9am - 10am,
    • 10am - 11am,
    • 11am - 12pm,
    • 2pm - 3pm,
    • 3pm - 4pm,
    • 4pm - 5pm.
  • Please note only one person (company) is permitted for each 1 hour slot.

How to book

  • From Friday 3rd September call 0208 547 5126 to book your appointment and email the addresses / land parcel you wish to search to to ensure that all the relevant register information is available for you to inspect.
  • Please ensure the address(es) are supplied at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment otherwise we will not be able to deal with your request.
  • At the time of your appointment please report to the main Guildhall Reception on the ground floor.
  • The health and safety of visitors and staff is of paramount importance and therefore we request all visitors using our buildings wear a face covering if you are able to. If you are feeling unwell please do not visit the offices.
  • Please be aware that RB Kingston holds Part 3 of its Register in accordance with Rule 7 of the Local Land Charges Rules 1977. You will therefore need to search the Councils Planning Applications and Decisions database for any qualifying permissions .
  • These new arrangements will be kept under review.

What is a Local Land Charges Search?

A Local Land Charges search is an essential part of buying and selling homes and land.

A request for a search is sent to the relevant local authority when a property or parcel of land is purchased, leased, mortgaged or a valuation carried out. If you are the buyer, the search is usually submitted by your solicitor or licensed conveyancer. 

The search process reveals important information about the property or land being bought or sold. 

For an extra fee, buyers can also ask the council for information not covered by the standard questions. It may not be possible to respond to enquiries of a very wide scope.

Local Land Charges forms

The Local Land Charges Register holds entries usually imposed by a local authority which run with the land regardless of a change in ownership.

 The LLC1 certificate includes all entries on the local land charges register, including:

  • financial charges
  • tree preservation orders
  • conservation area
  • conditional planning consents
  • improvement grants

The form CON29 Enquiries reveals issues such as:

  • who maintains the road the property is on
  • the planning and building control history of the property
  • traffic schemes
  • compulsory purchase orders
  • proposed tree preservation orders
  • other notices that may affect the property
  • Public footpaths

You can ask for optional information using the form CON29O, such as:

  • road proposals by private bodies 
  • Houses in Multiple Occupation
  • Advertisement Consents
  • common land and village greens

The above information only relates to the property searched. 

For an extra fee, buyers can also ask the council for information not covered by the standard questions. It may not be possible to respond to enquiries of a very wide scope.

Advice on buying and selling houses

For more information, please refer to the latest guidance from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. This provides a helpful overview of the process and the important steps you go through when buying or selling a property.

How to buy a home How to sell a home

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