Follow the CIL process

Stage 6: Updating the Land Charges Register

When we've received the full payment and the development is not subject to any relief or claw back periods, we'll remove the CIL charge from the Land Charges Register. 

(You can read more about relief, exemptions and claw back periods on our page Apply for relief or an exemption and on GOV.UK's Planning Practice Guidance.)

If the development was granted relief then the CIL charge will stay on the Land Charges Register for three or seven years. The number of years depends on the relief granted.

The CIL charge stays on the register in case something changes (a disqualifying event) and the relief is taken away. You'll then have more CIL to pay so it would be wrong to remove the charge from the register.

If the development is never carried out and planning permission ends, the CIL charge will be removed from the register.