Follow the CIL process

Stage 5: When and how you pay (Demand Notice)

Once we've received your Commencement Notice, we'll issue a Demand Notice to those that have assumed liability to pay the CIL.

What the Demand Notice sets out

The Demand Notice sets out:

  • the date you must pay the CIL by (in most cases, you'll have 60 days from the date of commencement)
  • the amount due in each instalment, if instalments apply
  • the date each instalment must be paid by, if instalments apply
  • the amount of Indexation


When we work out your CIL we have to apply an index of inflation to keep the levy responsive to market conditions. We calculate the Indexation using the All-in Tender Price Index (published by the Building Cost Information Service). In order to reduce the need for repeated re-calculation we review the 1st of November figure for the previous year on January first of each year and apply this figure to all applications granted that calendar year. 

How to pay the CIL

We'll send you an invoice that tells you how to pay. You can pay by instalments if the CIL is more than £100,000. (When and how you pay by instalments is set out in our Instalment Policy.) 

If you don't pay your CIL on time we can take action against you - including taking you court.  We can make you pay a surcharge (extra costs) and interest. You could go to prison. You can read more about the Council's CIL Enforcement Procedures

You can read more about how the CIL is enforced on GOV.UK's Planning Practice Guidance.